Never too early to start our little girl’s wardrobe

Best friends for 12 years

Almost $2000 later…our fleamarket/yard sale was a success! 13,000-19,000 to go!

Bleu cheese and strawberries mmm

Tyler posted on a few websites that we were asking for donations for our adoption - baked goods, gently used items. Anything. Today a random person drove 30 minutes to deliver all of these baked goods. Wrapped up and tied with bows. Our hearts are full.

For the future Buis baby. Yes please.

Pistachio macaroons #glorious

Fresh from my mom’s Ohio garden #Asian #pears

Little babes

Tea pots as pots

Repost from @kerriemburke. This has me in stitches

Been working on hand lettering for about a week now - so excited to incorporate this into our invitations #wlpgadventures

A whole lotta yes going on here

Sweet baby snuggles

A tear away notepad and this calendar are a stationer’s dream! #nashville #withlovepapergoods #wedding #papersource