My sister is getting married!

I mean. Come on. #dogsofinstagram

You know you are best friends when @thebestamyever find these is her closet and neither one of us remember making them. But would not doubt that we sat down and made them.

Fall favorites complete with paints and a candle

Preparing for a sweet meeting with two wonderful gals. Planning styled shoots galore.

Man knows a way to his woman’s heart. Fruit snacks on popcorn.

Sweet hidden gems in downtown


What do you do when you get to have a lazy Sunday off? Make homemade cappuccinos of course!


#liveonthegreen #ingridmichaelson

Homemade granola feeds my inner hippie

Found the perfect leather bag for consultations. See what I take with me later on the blog #inmybag #imb #mint #floral #blog

The perfect place to eat for the perfect day